Monday, September 13, 2010

Food Intolerance Testing - Now Available!

Did you know that chronic health problems are a telltale sign of food intolerance? Do you have symptoms that are hard to solve and seem unconnected to a cause?....then it may be time to get a food tolerance test done, and YES we can do them right here with instant results at
Evelyn Faye Nutrition!

The Food Detective Food Intolerance Test is designed for fast results, and looks at commonly eaten foods which may result in IgG antibody reactions. The symptoms of food intolerance can be delayed for many hours, even days and it can therefore be difficult to identify problem foods.

Sufferers of food intolerances frequently complain of lethargy or “fogginess” and a general feeling of being unwell. A variety of the following symptoms may persist for years and many sufferers have has their symptoms dismissed by their doctor as being “all in the mind”.
These symptoms include:- Anxiety (acute & chronic)- Arthritis- Asthma- Bed wetting- Bloating- Coeliac Disease- Chronic fatigue Syndrome- Constipation- Cystic fibrosis- Diarrhoea- Fibromyalgia- Flatulence- Gastritis- Headaches- Inflammatory Bowel Disease- Insomnia- Irritable Bowel Syndrome- Itchy skin problems- Malabsorption- Migraine- Sleep disturbances- Water retention- Weight control problems.....any many many more!

If you test positive to any of the food groups listed below, the simple act of removing them from your diet can completely change your life!
Grains- Corn- Oats- Rice- Wheat- Durum Wheat- Rye- Gluten- Yeast
Beans & Legumes- Cocoa Bean- Soya Bean- Legumes (Pea, Lentil & Haricot)
Meat & Poultry- Chicken- Lamb- Beef- Pork- Cow’s milk- Whole egg
Seafood- White Fish (Haddock, Cod, Plaice)- Freshwater fish (Salmon, Trout)- Shellfish (Prawn, Crab, Lobster, Mussel)- Tuna
Fruit & Vegetables- Apple- Blackcurrant- Broccoli- Cabbage- Carrot- Capsicum (Red, Green & Yellow)- Celery- Cucumber- Leek- Lemon- Grapefruit- Melon Mix (Cantaloupe & Watermelon)- Mushroom- Olive- Orange- Potato- Strawberry- Tomato
Nuts- Almond- Brazil Nut- Cashew Nut- Peanut- Walnut
Spices- Garlic- Ginger- Tea

The food-detective test is available everyday at Evelyn Faye Nutrition South Melbourne, call us on (03)9686 0086 to make an appointment with one of our naturopaths, or to find out more!

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