Monday, September 6, 2010

10 Day Detox - full steam ahead!

Michelle and I (Hannah) decided a few weeks ago that a internal 'Spring Cleanse' was a little overdue, with my last detox being over a year ago now, and with summer fast approaching, there seemed to be no better time than NOW! After much deliberation, we decided to do a 10 day Gluten/Cane Sugar/RedMeat/Processed/Preservative/Additive/Caffeine/Alcohol/Potato free diet, and supplement with the following products, to achieve a great digestive, kidney, and skin cleanse:

- Bioceuticals Cell Clear
- Synergy Super Greens
- Metagenics Ultra Flora
- Nutrition Care Gut Relief
- Orthoplex Acidolphilus Fibre
- Cell Foods
- Lifestream Aloe Vera Juice
- Herbal Tincture - golden seal, st marys thistle, schizandra, tumeric, rhodiola, and nettle.

We were able to structure the supplements for just AM and PM, which is handy if you dont feel like carrying around 10 million supplements a day in your handbag!

So....currently we're up to our 2nd day....both of us we're struck down with 'brain fogginess' and some nausea both yesterday and today, but this seems to be going away now (crossing our fingers!), staying away from coffee seems to have been the biggest hurdle so far. During the next 8 days we will be sharing our thoughts, symptoms, and favorite detox recipes with you on this blog, stay tuned, and please feel free to leave any comments or questions you might have about detoxing and cleansing :)

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