Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Chinese Medicine

Traditional Cinese Medicine (TCM) refers to a broard range of therapies including herbal medicine, acupuncture, dietay changes and massage which share a common theory developed over thousands of years in China.
TCM does not focus on the anatomical structures of the body but rather its functions (digestion, breathing, temperature control and circulation)
Key concepts withing TCM are the following:
  • Ying and Yang (defined as opposing energies, such as earth and heaven, winter and summer, happiness and sadness) When yin and yang are in balance, you feel relaxed and energized. When out of balance, yin and yang negatively affect your health.
  • Qi (pronounced "chee") is the life force or energy which flows through the meridians of the body. When there's too little or too much qi, or when the flow of qi is blocked, illness results.

TCM aims to re-balance the body into a state whereby the body can heal itself. It is an effective treatment for both adults and childeren and can treat a wide range of conditions including skin issues, nervous system problems such as hyperactivity or nervousness, digestive complains and hormonal imbalances

TCM differs from Western Herbal Medicine which tends to use only one or two herbs to treat just a specific symptom. A Chinese Herbal formula has as many as 20 different herbs. The herbs are selected to work synergistically to treat the whole person and treat the root (or cause) of a health concern along with the symptoms.

TCM is a complex medical system but at Evelyn Faye Nutrition we have two companies that have taken the difficulty out of formulating these remedies.

FUSION - An Australian company based in Byron Bay, Fusion have a range of Chinese herbal combinations which can be used for all ages and for animals!

RED PEONY This range of TCM is specifically targeted towards childerens health and includes treatment options for coughs and colds, behavior, allergies and digestion.

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