Monday, July 18, 2011


Have you heard of the newest superfood discovery that is centuries old?
Black Rice was once known as "forbidden rice" since in ancient China only nobles were allowed to eat it. It is considered one of our lesser known but equally impressive superfoods.
Food scientist Dr Zhimin said "Just a spoonful of Black Rice contains more health promoting anthocyanin antioxidants than in a spoon of blueberries but with less sugar, more fibre and a higher Vitamin E content."
Anthocyanidins provide the dark colour in many fruit and vegetables and give Black Rice its purple appearance. It is these powerful antioxidants which mop up dangerous free radicals in the body, protecting us from heart disease, cancer and the ageing process.
Black Rice also has anti inflammatory properties and has been shown in clinical trials to reduce allergic dermatitis and eczema. This suggests that it may play a benificial role in the diet of those with chronic inflammatory conditions.
We have Organic Black Rice availible now at Evelyn Faye Nutrition; Grab some then try these delicious recipes!
Use as a base in any Asian meal, stir fry, curry, or mexican. Don't just put on a big pot of Black Rice though! Cook 1 part black to 1 part brown rice (similar cooking time) or 1 part black to 6 parts white (cook black rice for 10 min longer than white).

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