Thursday, October 24, 2013

Put Your Nutrtion Where Your Mouth Is

With all the attention we're paying to what goes in our mouths today a little more awareness of  our oral health as in gum disease (periodontal disease) definitely wouldn't go astray.

Oral health is often reserved for that annual trip to the dentist, but with all we are relying on our chomps to do it's worth investing some quality nutrition into the longevity of our mouths.

Microgenics Mega C High PotencyIf you suffer from raw red sore or bleeding gums (gingivitis) there are some key nutritionals you may be lacking.

-Vitamin C

We need just 160mg a day to keep our gums happy and healthy yet some of us just still aren't making the cut. There was once a time when sailors and those subjected to lengthy sea voyages without fresh perishable produce would develop vitamin C deficiency presenting with bleeding inflamed gums. As vitamin C is required for the synthesis of collagen and healthy connective tissues you can see how lack there of has an effect on our gum health as well as many other underlying tissues.

-Co Q10

CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant known for it's positive effects on our heart. This powerful antioxidant is also very important for oral health providing energy to the gum cells while promoting wound healing and tissue recovery support. All individuals on a statin drugs should be supplementing with this nutrient!

-Zinc, Vitamin A, E and Selenium

Vitamin A is another nutrient of great importance in collagen synthesis and wound healing while the super synergistic team of Selenium and vitamin E work together as antioxidants and wound healers.

If you are a sufferer of those painful mouth ulcers and seem to have a new one pop up just as you kicked the last one you may be lacking some Zinc. This essential mineral is one 76% of us on average are lacking.

For oral health that will keep you smiling well into the years.

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