Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Mediterannean Diet made EASY!

Research now shows that 3 key essentials from the traditional Mediterranean diet may help us lead a healthier life for longer. We have known for sometime, and science is now confirming, that Mediterranean people living a traditional lifestyle have led healthier lives in their old age than nearly anywhere else in the world. Extensive scientific studies have revealed 3 essential components of the traditional Mediterranean diet so that we can all enjoy some of the benefits.
For decades scientists worldwide have been studying the traditional Mediterranean lifestyle to figure out why Mediterranean people aged so well. Was it the sun, the fresh sea air, the laid back attitude … perhaps it was their sense of family or even mama’s cooking? FINALLY it seems there is an answer! Mediterranean people who as they aged lived the healthiest and most active lives, had some dietary habits in common ... their diet was high in olives and olive oil, they drank red wine regularly and ate fatty fish!

How do Mediterraneans eat so much fatty food and stay healthy? Professor Jack Masquelier discovered what is known in scientific circles as the French paradox – a high fat diet with good heart health. In today’s busy world of fast living and fast food it sounds like the French knew something we should all know about! Well it seems that a toast to health and wellness and some red wine with lunch or dinner is part of the answer.

ESSENTIAL 1 – Red Wine
What makes red wine effective in counterbalancing the effects of a fatty diet? Professor Masquelier’s findings on red wine show that OPCs, the plant nutrients found in red wine, have the ability to help support eye, heart and vascular health and helps fight the signs of premature aging. Not only that but red wine also assists our bodies in maintaining hyaluronic acid levels, which helps keep our skin healthy, hydrated and plumped.

ESSENTIAL 2 – Olive Oil
Olives and olive oil are used in kitchens throughout the Mediterranean and not just because they taste good! Hydroxytyrosol, the powerful antioxidant found in olives is believed to help maintain healthy cardiovascular function and collagen levels, protect against free radical damage as well as supporting our immune systems.

ESSENTIAL 3 – Fatty Fish
Why fatty fish in particular? The unsaturated fats in oily fish, known as Omega-3 fatty acids, are thought to do everything from support normal blood cholesterol levels, brain function, heart function and blood pressure to assisting overall mood and wellbeing.

The good news is that now we can all enjoy the benefits of the Mediterranean diet! Research shows that regardless of where someone is from, the traditional Mediterranean diet can lead to a healthier life for longer.The traditional Mediterranean lifestyle and today’s realities. Whilst it’s nice to imagine enjoying long leisurely lunches of home grown and home cooked ingredients, eating freshly caught fish and sipping red wine on a sun filled terrace every day, for most of us, it’s just not possible outside of holidays and special occasions. The reality of our everyday lives is busy days, packed with rushed meals and too much to do.

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