Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas

With christmas day fast approaching, and many of us still to cross out those last few gifts on the list, here are some last minute ideas for sustainable/eco-friendly healthy gifts that are sure to make anyone happy!.... and yes, of course they are available here at Evelyn Faye Nutrition South Melbourne. Did you know we will be open until 6pm on Xmas eve? Yep, thats right! So, here's a few choice things on my christmas list;

SIGG bottles, BPA free, made in Switzerland ...and very nice looking!

Tonic Heat Pillow - Barley and Lavender....delicious! Keep Cups - in small, medium or large....depending on how thirsty you are! Every Man Jack - Natural Skin care for the guys!Natures Sunshine 14 Day Detox - contains enough for 2 people for 14 days, a great present for the health concious couple!!

Want more info? call us (03) 9686 0086

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