Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Reap the Benefits of Raw Foods!

What makes raw or living foods so incredibly healthy?

Wholefoods or any foods that have not been processed are considered to be raw. Raw foods contain a plethora of health benefits as they bypass the manufacturing processing methods that generally decrease the nutrititonal content of foods. Exposure to manufacturing processes whereby the temperature exceeds 47 degrees Celsius destroys not only digestive enzymes beneficial for digestion of food, but many other nutrients that the body requires to fuel a cascade of chemical reactions in the body for optimal health.

So, where possible, opt for raw food. With impressive nutrient density, digestive enzymes and natural fibre you'll notice a substantial increase in energy levels, regular bowel motions and improved digestive function, enhanced mental clarity and an unmatched overall sense of wellbeing, all from unprocessed wholefoods! Eating wholefoods that have been freshly picked will also leave you feeling more grounded, with a greater connection to earth.

If you haven't already delved into the wonderful world of raw foods, here's some deliciously amazing recipes for you to try. Happy and healthy eating!

1. Raw Thai Chilli Coconut Noodles


3. Raw Sushi with Sprouts, Tahini and Ginger


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