Saturday, April 9, 2011

The healing power of flowers

Back Flower Remedies have been around for 70 years helping people by relieving stress and emotional imbalances. We have all seen or heard of the famous Rescue Remedy Combination, but what exactly are flower essences, how do they work and how do we choose the one which one is right for us?

There are 38 Remedies in total, all discovered by Dr Edward Bach, a London surgeon and immunologist. His original research was in vaccines but he turned to homeopathy after disappointment with the way the medical profession viewed disease and didn't take into account the emotional well being of patients. In 1930 his focus shifted again from homeopathy to the essences of flowers. Over years of trial and error, Dr Bach found each of the remedies he wanted for different mental and emotional states.

Each of the 38 remedies is associated with a basic human emotion; Mimulus for example is the remedy taken when you are anxious or afraid of something specific; people who are afraid of flying may take this before getting on a plane. The exact mechanism of how they work is unknown however it is believed the vibrational energy of the plant is carried across the extraction process and retained in the mother tincture. This energy can be seen in photographs of the essences which produce beautiful kirlian crystal formations.

Bach remedies are safe and effective in pregnancy, for young children and even your pets! My first experience with rescue remedy was for both myself and my horse as we would get uptight and nervous before competitions. Expecting mothers may take Walnut which is used to help people adjust with change; or Star of Bethlehem in cases where the birth itself has been particularly traumatic. Parents may get to love Vine which is great for bossy and stubborn children determined to get their own way!

To take the remedy in an acute moment of distress you simply put 2 drops of each selected essence into a glass of water and sip as often as required until relief is obtained. For more chronic conditions take a small bottle with distilled water and place2-4 drops of each selected remedy into the bottle. From this bottle take 4 drops 4 x daily.

Here at Evelyn Faye we stock a full range of individual remedies, the Rescue remedy, Sleep remedy and we can also make up individualised mixtures from our dispensary.

To see a list of the individual remedies and their action see here

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