Friday, June 25, 2010

My Favorite NEW Product!

Yesterday we had an exciting delivery from Return 2 Health, with a couple of new products that im just busting to try! One of which is called 'VPure', a 100% vegan EPA/DHA supplement (actually stronger than alot of fish oils out there on the market these days!).

What is VPure?
VPure is made from an algae, that is grown in organically controlled conditions (not in the sea) which does not interfere with marine eco-systems, has no impact on fish stock and their food sources, and is totally 100% sustainable....yipee! :) (Here's a link to a trailer for the documentary "End of the Line", a pretty horrific reminder about what 'over fishing' and the fish oil industry is doing to our oceans,
The Omega 3 fats in this algae are rich in EPA (anti-inflammatory) and DHA (great for cognitive function, and anti-ageing) and free from the toxins and heavy metals that accumulate in oil-bearing fish, meaning that VPure is the safest option for pregnant women and children. Also, lets not forget those people out there with allergies towards fish and fish products, what a great alternative!

How Much EPA/DHA in VPure?
Heaps! Per capsule you'll be getting 350mg DHA, and 50mg EPA, plus ALA's (alpha-linoleic acid - another good guy to have on board!). The capsules are 100% vegan, so are gelatin free.

I think this might be my favorite new product here at Evelyn Faye Nutrtion! If you want anymore information about V-Pure just visit there website,
Posted by Hannah Denham (Naturopath)


  1. Hannah how does that compare to BioCeuticals UltraClean EPA/DHA Plus?

  2. Hey Lia :)
    Bioceuticals EPA/DHA contains 300mg EPA and 200mg DHA from Fish Oil, so is a great source of Omega3's from an 'non-vegetarian' base. VPure, being from controlled algae, is vegetarian, plus more sustainable (in the sense that it's not farmed from the sea - doesnt interfere with marine ecosystems, and has no impact on fish stocks of their food sources), and higher in DHA than Bioceuticals (better for brain health)...however, if you are not a vegetarian and need a higher amount of EPA (especially because you do work out so much, therefore require more of the anti-inflam effects of Omega3s) Bioceuticals, Nordic Naturals or Metagenics Fish oils are the best ones to go with, they are the most concentrated and 'cleanest' on the Australian Market (meaning they have the least amount of mercury, dioxins and PCBs in them compared to other brands):)

  3. Thanks for that explanation. I'm not vegetarian so I'll stick with what I'm using. :o)